Saturday, June 16, 2007

Am I the Only One?

The first time I did a fair isle pattern my stitches turned out tight or tighter than I could wear. I tried theses on twice today as I am making the thumb gusset. They seemed too tight. I did go up a size in needle remembering I thought I should next time when I tried it last time. Still They are very tight. I hope I do not have to frog. I wonder when I should decide. Does any one else find there gage tighter doing the two strands one in each hand?

I am sure I do.

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Susie Hewer said...

Yeah, me too Ang! I used 2.5mm to get the right gauge and even that's a snug fit. I only learnt the 'one strand in each hand' method after I'd started and I have noticed that my tension has definitely got tighter since. For my next glove I'm going to go up to 2.75mm for the cuff part as I have chunky forearms and wrists.