Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ta da! I've started

Well, I had the post marathon blues last week and didn't feel like doing anything........until Sunday, when I picked up my needles and yarn and here's the result. I've frogged twice because the size was way too small and have settled on 2.5mm needles which seem to be working out just right. I'm using a Lucy Neatby yarn (the multicoloured) and an Opal sock yarn as the contrast and I really like the colours.

This is my first ever attempt at either gloves or Fairisle, I don't quite know why but I always seem to have gone for complicated lacy patterns rather than colours. Also, I have never tried anything so small on double-pointed needles and I seem to be getting bigger and looser stitches at the joins. Any suggestions on how to avoid this please?

I am really enjoying the pattern and find it totally absorbing.


Ang W. said...

I really hesitate to say this as it coudl make it pucker but if it is getting looser it may be worth a shot. Try giving a slight tug at the joins so you do not get ladders ? it is worth a try.

Are the joins you mean where you cange needles? I hope it is not where you cange colors.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Ang. It is where I change needles so that's worth a try. I've looked at the blue and yellow gloves above and they seem to have the same problem so maybe it's just something to do with using the double-pointed needles on a small project and I just have to get used to it.

TutleyMutley said...

If you slide some of the stitches that you have just knitted on to the new needle, you won't get the ladder.
I've always done this BUT I'm assured by folk who don't, that the ladder disappears when you've finished and block your knitting.
Congrats on completing the marathon Susie - how long was your scarf? I heard you got interviewed for the telly (I don't have a TV so didn't see you).

Susie Hewer said...

Hi TutMuts!

That's a good tip and I've actually started trying to move a few stitches along each time.

Thanks for your good wishes and your sponsorship too. I did indeed make 2 appearances on TV, one national and one local which was amazing publicity for the Alzheimer's Research Trust. My scarf measured 1.2 metres and was just over 12 inches wide (which was part of the rules) so was quite respectable. Amazingly there were no dropped stitches and it looks OK! There are some piccies on my blog if you'd like a look.