Thursday, May 17, 2007

Plugging along

Two rows short of the end of the thumb gusset increase.Would you believe that I only realized now that I knitted the left glove.Well,that's okay.I am still having doubts about my colours.I tell myself ,it is the yourney that counts.The knitting is really fun.Did anyone knit the fingers with size smaller needle? I knitted so far with size 1 but have only the 4" needles in a size 0 or 21/2mm.


TutleyMutley said...

Knit the fingers with a size smaller needles? Oh no - I've such fat fingers I knitted them with the same size (2mm) but added quite a few stitches to the number in the pattern. I found the fingers really quite fiddly to knit - took me as long to do each one as it took me to do the rest of the glove. Making up patterns for each one was great fun though, and kept the interest up. Photos, where's your pics, Hilla?

Hilla said...

Testing about writing a cooment

Hilla said...

Tutleymutley,thanks for your suggestions.I am about ready to quit.Do not like the colours and the fit is not to great.Will give it another try soon.