Monday, May 28, 2007

I've finished!!

Well here they are. And I just have to say it, modesty aside, I love my gloves! The weather has turned to winter over night here so I'm going to wear them today. Mind you even if it was belting hot, I think I'd still want to wear them! On the ring finger of the left hand, I put the initials of my husband and children. I have loved knitting with this yarn (Posh Yarn's Emily) and am going off now to cast on for a pair of socks. But they won't be half as much fun as the gloves were.


TutleyMutley said...

Glorious - you have every right to be proud, Michaela!
I love the way your initials line up just so - I put initials on mine, but not quite so tidily. They are so much like an embroidery sampler, aren't they?

Kathy said...

Gorgeous! I am in the middle of a (gasp) sweater, but seeing everyone's gloves makes me want to start on pair number 2!! Soon - I promise.

Your finger motifs are all gorgeous! What a great job! Wear them with pride...and a big smile :)

shamrockknits AKA Jo Ann said...

They are wonderful!!!

knitster said...

so I will give you one of mom's red gloves and you give me one of your green ones and you and she will be all set for xmas. I love them, especially the fingers.