Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where is everyone?

I have to admit I have been gone for the past month and have not been on here much, but the gloves being finished are beautiful, I have to say i would be honored to wear everyone that has been posted. I started on MY pair in black/salmon, will try to post pictures this week.

Nice to see Tracey finishing those gloves for that 110 temps, maybe the gloves can keep you from getting sunburnt on your hands, anyway stay in touch Tracey, where is Qatar, must get my maps out.

Sherry did you ever get your gloves back?

I am going to see the Yarn Harlot on Sunday, she will be in Wichita at my dad's old high school so I will definitely be writing about that. My mom and her friend are going, they dont knit but they felt a road trip was in order, maybe I c an conver them. Mom is taking her gloves and I am gonna see if I can get the Harlot to join our group, socks/gloves they are kind of the same aren't they, both small projects that can be a challenge. I also plan to take one of my socks from the sockstars group or my gloves or both. Since I am driving it kind of cuts into my knitting time but it is for a good cause.

In case you have not wandered to The Studio website they now have online shopping, I know more yarn heading your way in a box. I better get to work my new boss from Dallas is to be here soon and she is going to tie up my time with

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