Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Way to go Karen!

Karen that is so cool that you are gonna sell your patterns. You have to keep us posted as to when you post new stuff. I think we should do a kal for all your patterns, we can be your test kal.

Sherry, did you ever get your gloves back?

Tracey, good luck with your move, maybe at 110 you can use the gloves to keep your hands from getting sunburned.

I was supposed to g0 see the Yarn Harlot Sunday in Wichita, Kansas (who on earth put her there and not here in KC is beyond me.) I had tickets, etc, but one of my mom's kids from her Sunday School class saw her out, he loves her, gave her a big bear hug from behind and she wrenched her back. So I did not get to go, maybe next time she can come here or things will allow me to go see her. I checked her blog and looks like we missed a good time. I was gonna see if she would join our kal.

I know I owe a picture of my current gloves for myself and I need to finish my Halloween gloves and will post them cos Halloween is not that far away. If work plans go as I hope I will be in Salen for Halloween, can't get any better than that.


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