Friday, September 14, 2007


The glove was the first original pattern Karen designed.
the KAL has inspired her to begin working
on a line of patterns.
She calls them Karendipity, serendipitous designs.
The works are in progress at this time,
some are in the design phase,
others in the publishing phase.
She has decided to begin selling the
Hand Painted Glove Pattern on
The printed pattern will continue to be available through
The Studio in Kansas City.
However, if anyone would like to download the PDF
under the Karendipity label, they may purchase it at

to QUOTE Karen
"This alternate method of receiving the pattern.
I think many will be pleased with my new layout and design.
Some may just prefer to receive the pattern via PDF,
something the Studio cannot do at this point.
The pattern is the same, the flavor is my own."

Thanks for all your help and motivation.

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