Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the pattern

i don't care what it costs
i WANT ... no NEED the pattern
anyone that wants to make them
will have to buy the pattern
i want it autographed
tell Karen to start a blog so
i will know if & when she has
OTHER patterns to offer
if she doesn't do a hat
i will have to figure it out
i saw a few hat patterns that i could
add the graph into
then i will probably need a scarf too
i actually have a Lucy Neatby pattern
that would work for the scarf
will use Karen's graphs
as for yarn
Mass Ave has this Merino Sock Yarn
that is TO DYE FOR
i will have to figure how much i would need
for gloves, hat & decent sized scarf
then Stitches & Scones has Lucy Neatby merino
will have to find a coordination color
and again
the proper amount
since both yarns are special dye jobs
want the same dye lot
got 5" size 0 brittanys
probably should buy 2 sets of 8"
will do both gloves at a time
not sure IF they can be done on circs
2 gloves on 2 circs
JUST like sox

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