Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Karen's Gloves

I dont know the cost of the pattern but the ones I have seen in the store run from about $7-$10. The autographed ones will not cost extra. the store is having a trunk show March 31-April1 to show off the designs of their staff. As soon as Karen calls me to let me know the pattern is ready to sell, I will talk to her about shipping patterns to you all. If you want them autographed send me an email to crabbyabbyroadhouse@yahoo.com and title it Karen's gloves, so I can see how many want an autograph and how many don't. I will tell her to set aside that many patterns for us. I would imagine postage would not be that much since you could get it in a flat envelope.
I have to tell you the picture does not do these gloves justice. I am doing mine in bright pink/purples and may pick up some red for my mom for her 75th birthday in March, 2008, I have her Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon almost done, changed the color orange to red for her. Anyway I cant wait for a month so we can start on these amazing gloves. Karen had mentioned putting a hat pattern in the package but dont know about that, but the talented knitsters we are I am sure we can figure out a pattern for a hat as well.


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