Saturday, March 15, 2008

Changing th epattern a little + what has kept me from finishing

It is hard to believe how time has flown. So I went digging back though the months of the blog to find what I was looking for. I found it. Now after taking some time [paper and pencil). I think I am going to make the diamonds like Hilla showed a picture of hers on June 8, 2007 between the snowflake cuffs and the thumb gusset snowflakes. I was not sure I cared for that part when I worked it the first time following the pattern. So that is where I am to date after frogging.

I did a pair of socks that seemed would never end, made 4 baby afghans (all different patterns), next I was asked to make a scarf that turning out barley making it's deadline, followed by 4 pairs of dull felted mittens. The first two were late, the other two had no deadline. After I finished dear youngest son asked for a pair and I said I needed a break from that pattern I would get them by next winter. So tonight watching and old Dick Van Dyke Disney movie Lt. Robin Crusoe I got up to this point for the second time. Moving forward again I hope. I did volunteer to make some things for an August wedding, if she takes me up on it I will have to put them aside to get done what I offered to do. (Tatting and crocheting)

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