Sunday, January 13, 2008

maybe i will start

Karen has a headband pattern that she offered
to those of us that joined the KAL
well ..
i couldn't FIND the pattern
finally found it in an e-mail
so, i will start with the headband FIRST
to acquire a gauge
see if the sport will work
if not
will BUY more fingering
so i went to the Etsy to obtain the Mitts pattern
gotta have the FULL set
and found ANOTHER Headband pattern
WOW!!! Karen
you are really growing
had to JOIN Etsy
but i 'spose that won't be TOOO awfully bad
anyways ..
gotta finish the current SOX
then i can work on the purse
THEN i can start the headband
yeah .. yeah ..
it's SLOW progress
learned about the GLOVE pattern a year ago
so i am NOT too far behind
42 degrees
i MAY need mitts & headband
THANX Abby & Karen
for starting this adventure
yeah, then i 'spose i will hafta finish BJORK

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