Monday, December 3, 2007

Hi from Nebraska

Hi everyone! I'm Barb from Nebraska. I'm a work from home Mom and Grandma. I've been involved in sewing, cross stitch, knitting and crocheting and many other crafts since I was old enough to walk and talk... My Mom taught me how to sew and knit and my Grandma taught me how to crochet.

It's been about 20 years since I've knit anything! I saw a book of patterns for socks and decided to knit again... Then recently I found Karen's Hand Painted Gloves pattern on Etsy. I'm so excited! I haven't finished the socks yet, and have already started the gloves. LOL - I swore I wasn't going to do that! The projects are on different needles so I can work both...! RIGHT?

The largest town around me doesn't have much in the way of yarn, no specialty stores that I'm aware of... I got Busy Bee - Sweet Delight baby yarn from Hobby Lobby in Crayons Ombre and angel (white). So far so good...I've made a few mistakes in the first pattern chart but I'm not unknitting any more rows! LOL The guage is right on - I was worried about that... Since I took this picture, I've continued to knit and am now working the thumb gusset and back of hand and palm. Can't wait to get to the fingers! :) I've watched very closely to keep from making any more pattern chart mistakes... and they are looking good.

Where does everyone get their yarn from? My next pair (oh yeah...) will certainly be from some better yarns. Anyone with suggestions? There is a lot of fingering & sock yarn on Etsy, but which one???
I'll post a new picture later. I love all the color schemes I've seen so far. It's amazing how different each pair looks in different colorways. I really love that I can choose a chart for the fingers. That will be fun! Anyway, nice to meet and get to knit along with all of you! Barb


Cathy said...

LOVE them Barb
thanx for sharing a pic

yeah, yeah .. i gotta start mine

Karendipity said...

Hi Barb, I get all my yarn at The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint where I teach. They have a great collection and can usually order whatever we need. They have an online store now too at

Hope you are having fun with the pattern. Isn't colorwork fun! Watching the design grow...and wearing them is yummy!

Your colorway is beautiful - so cheerful!


Ang W. said...

Very pretty so colorful!