Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Has anyone used Opal yarn?


I justreceived Karen's patterns for the gloves and mitts and headband. I can hardly wait to start on them! However, I noticed that Karen uses Koigu KPPPM and KPM in her gloves. I know that Koigu KPPPM is a heavier fingering weight yarn than Opal or some other sock yarns. Will Opal work ok? I have an Opal Neon skein with purple, blue, turquoise and lime green that I think would make beautiful gloves, however I normally knit the Opal with Size 1 and 0 needles for socks, and with the Koigu (I'm knitting my first pair of Koigu socks) I am using Size 2 for the legs, and will use Size 1 for the feet. With the Opal I get 9 stitches per inch using size 0 needles.



Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I used a combination of Opal and Jitterbug on my first pair of gloves. I used the Opal solid in a periwinkle color. I did the gloves on size 0's throughout. The Opal was thinner, but worked fine.

I'd suggest swatching for size and fabric with your Opal and seeing how you like it before really starting out on the glove. Then you'll know how it's knitting up for you.

Good luck and have fun!

Rhonda said...

Thanks, Shelly. I like periwinkle as well! I just ordered some Opal Solids on sale, so hopefully one of them will work with my Opal Neon. Meanwhile, I will have to get another couple of Addi Turbo size 0 circular needles, so I can be knitting socks at the same time as I am working on the gloves or mitts. I knit two socks at once, and will do the same with the gloves or mitts.