Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hilla wants to know if we are going to have a sock snowflake kal? Anyone interested? And Sherry how did your gloves do in the county fair?

Anyone working on their second pair yet. Tracy, where did you go and did you get your other glove done?

I better get to work, leaving at noon today cos I have to use some comp time or lose it, I am going home to work on my sockstars socks cos we have a group knit on Monday and I had to completely start over. They are mitered squares done on size 0, I know I have lost my mind but I am to the point like probably some of you where I now need challenges in my knitting, besides it keeps the alzheimers at bay.

Tax Free weekend in Kansas City, how come yarn does not count as a school supply?



Ang W. said...

Abby, Iowa is having there Tax free school weekend Friday and Saturday only. Yarn does not count here either. Still I find it weird paper, ink, pens do not count either. Just clothing under $100, with exemptions of course.

shamrockknits AKA Jo Ann said...

I got the magazine. The socks are very cute. I did want to make a pair to go with my glover