Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The County Fair!

You may be wondering why there is a pair of socks pictured here! Well, let me explain. These are my entries in the County Fair which ended last Sunday.

The socks are the "Eleanore" pattern with a picot edge top. The gloves you recognize as the gloves I knit for this KAL. The socks received First Place in the "slippers" category (since there was no sock category).

Don't misunderstand, I'm very pleased with the socks but I didn't have very high expectations for them. On the other hand, I did expect to get something for the gloves. The down side is that they had to go into an "other" category which is never good (you can't even guess what your competition is). The gloves got nothing--zip! I was surprised at that!

Rubbing salt in the wounds, they lost the gloves!!! They were no where to be found in a rather small (as fairs go) building. I'm hoping that they got folded into someones quilt or something and whoever it is will be honest and return them to the fair. I am very unhappy.


Cheryl said...

LOST??!! Are you sure they weren't admired and taken? I do hope they are found and returned. Congrats on the socks

knitster said...

I bet someone who admired them stole them, that is so unfair, I am so sorry and I cant believe they did not even get a ribbon, where they brain dead people judging.

I know you are sick, ok ladies lets put out a search party for the gloves.


Susie Hewer said...

Oh Sherry how awful! I do hope they turn up. Congratulations on your socks though.

Ang W. said...

Missing gloves! Oh no, I have not entered anything in a fair since I was in 4-H. Now I wonder if I would want to. I am going to the Iowa State Fair for the first time this week! Now I will be wondering how many of the owners will not get there items back. Any sign of them yet?

I hope you get them back.

shamrockknits AKA Jo Ann said...

What fair? That's awful. I'm hoping with you that some honest person finds them in their entry and returns them. Hope it turns up soon!!

Karen said...

Oh Sherry, That is so sad. I hope they come home to you. Congratulations on your socks. Karen