Friday, July 6, 2007

Karen Inspired Me

I just got off the phone with Karen and she said yes she is teaching the glove as a class, so we need to get our gloves and any problems, hints, etc on the blog so she can show the class and they can learn from our experiences and be inspired by the beautiful work you all have done. She also told me I need to post my one glove I have done. I am envious of people like karen who can come up with beauties such as the gloves, so I thought I can do that, yea right. I sat down one day and made charts, etc and thought I needed a pair of Halloween gloves which is my FAV day of the year. So here is myright hand, it has not been blocked and the left hand has a spider on the back of the hand with some other wording. Ladies let your imagination runwild and create, create, create


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