Monday, July 30, 2007

Accessories for our Gloves

In case you need something else to go with the fabulous gloves we are all making, in the Interweave Felt Issue that just hit the stands there is an ad from Tahki Stacey Charles with a snowflake purse and the Fall issue of Interweave Knits has a pattern for snowflake socks. So we now have an excuse to not only buy more magazines and yarn but to accessorize these gloves. Don't forget to post your pictures and any issues, joys, etc to share for the class to be taught at The Studio in September. BTW they had a huge gumball sale one day, the color of the gumball got you a certain percentage off (I got 40%) and the lady in front of me had our glove patten with a vibrant red and black, I cant wait to see them, i told her about the blog so hopefully she will join and post pictures.

I am suppsed to go to LA in a couple of weeks and I finally found a black and salmon color to make my gloves out of, so that will be one project I am taking with me.



Hilla said...

Will we have a snowflake sock knitalong?

knitster said...

if you want to poll everyone we can, i think it would be fun