Sunday, June 24, 2007

At last, 2 fingers!

Well, I am a slow knitter and this has taken me forever but I've finally finished the little finger I had so much trouble with. Encouraged, I managed to do another one too and it didn't seem half as difficult. I found the first one really fiddly to do but this one was easier because I was more confident and adjusted the shaping to suit my chubby fingers.

Now I'm gaining in confidence with the process I suspect that the second glove will be executed much neater than this one. It's been a very useful learning exercise for FairIsle technique, tension and making gloves.


Hilla said...

The glove looks great.Keep on knitting.It does not matter how long it takes.Hilla

Michaela said...

I love your colours, so gentle but great contrast. Wonderful!

Ang W. said...

looking good. =-)